Tay Ho High School – 16 years of Established and Sustainable Development.

16 years since the establishment, Tay Ho high school has been being proved its prestige in Vietnamese education system. The successful and sustainable development of Tay Ho high school nowadays is a result of the hard working, enthusiasm and wisdom from generations of students and teachers. In November 2010, after 8 years of establishment, Tay Ho high school has been honored as a Standard School in Vietnamese Education System as well as receiving certificates from Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), People’s Committee of Hanoi City, and Ministry of National Defense (MND)

            Since its first day of establishment, Tay Ho high school had only 34 teachers and staffs. However, these 34 hard-working people with 464 students divided into 9 classes had created the first step to the successful of Tay Ho high school in the future. After 16 years, Tay Ho high school has now 99 teachers and staff member within 34 of them received master’s degree, 21 of them has been awarded as city's excellent teacher, has enhanced the quality of education to school sustainable development goal.   

            16 years of hard-working with the support from ministry and government, Tay Ho high school has been innovated only in education quality, but also in infrastructure. The school covers an area of 22,000 square meters with library, reading rooms and laboratories for each subject, as well as athletic area with 3 artificial football field and basketball court.

            Besides the hard-working of teachers and staff member is also the hard-working, self-organized, self-confident of students. Under the enthusiastic guidance of teachers and counselors, the graduation rate of Tay Ho high school students was 100 percent in recent years, also the acceptance rate to Colleges and Universities was 90 percent. In 2016 and 2017, Tay Ho high school has 5 students who won First prize in History subject of City Merit Competition and 45 students who had been awarded excellent students in District Competition.

            In recent years, Tay Ho high school encouraged and support students to sign up for national education game show such as Ring the Golden Bell, Climb to The Olympia so that students will have chance to compete as well as to enhance their knowledge from other high school students in city and within country. Furthermore, school also operated a lot of workshop and international trips to Singapore, Japan to help students have chances to enhance their knowledge and their foreign languages, as well as exchange and learn more from other cultures.

            16 years of establishment and development in education path has provided to both Tay Ho high school teachers and students a better background as preparation to achieve its long-term sustainable development. Tay Ho high school with new missions to expand and corporate to many other high schools and colleges all around the world./.

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